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Different Type of Credit Card Payments

Our default preferred Payment Option is "Visa/MasterCard/PayPal Automated Monthly Payments".

This will take you to our Payment Gateway run by PayPal.  If you have a PayPal account, you can login and pay with that, otherwise you can enter your Visa or MasterCard details.  This can be an Israeli or foreign Card or Account, but please note any receipts will always be in Shekels from KSY in Israel.

If you are paying for your Membership Dues monthly, then once submitted and accepted, PayPal will automatically charge your card (or PayPal account) monthly.  PayPal will continue to pay us automatically every month until further notice (beyond the initial 12 months) until either you cancel the subscription, or we do.

Please note this is not the same as "Tashlumim".

"Tashlumim" can only be made on an Israeli Credit Card.  We enter your card details into our terminal, and your Credit Card company puts the total annual charge on to your account (decreasing your available credit limit), and then charges you every month to pay it off.

If you prefer to pay this way, please choose the "Offline Credit Card Machine for Visa/MasterCard" Payment Option.

If you want to pay your Membership Dues by cheque or Horaat Keva, you can "order" them here, but until we receive your cheque(s) or Horaat Keva forms/confirmation, your account will remain marked as "Unpaid", and your membership and any Yamim Norayim seats you are requesting, will not be confirmed.

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